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Very cool, it was one of the best things you did. Celso Portiolli I know you and a very good person because you help a lot of people and these people who send you this letter help them because my father is from work and my two brothers are also trying to help them, my family and my sister can`t find work. A house to live near Bahia with my Vovo because it has been a long time since my mother has not seen my Vovo for 8 years who does not see and the father`s mother also does not see the father 9 years ago and the finha is very eager for them wants to go there and is long, to kill the desire of Bahia and we have no home and Moranmos rent this very expensive to pay and my vo lived with my mother and my family we personally with your cooperation that you read this letter to help us she is esterando voce celso portiolli voce e very cool with your very arrogant program. Hello Celso Portiolli, my name is Luis, I am from Guaratinguetá, a city in the interior of São Paulo, I watch your program every Sunday I think it`s wonderful when I see how you help someone I see the joy in your eyes and in your smile, so I come to ask for your help, not for me, because I think everything God has given me so far is enough and I run after it so that I can improve every day when you have the health and the will to win in life. I love this program, which we teach that we chase our goals without the difficulties we face. I wanted to ask you for an opportunity q to recognize you a dream of my mother q not to see your family at 32 years old and the years suffer a lot with her I can not help, so I ask you with all my despair can not bear to see the suffering of the person q mi suffer in the world in this way, for God`s sake, the possibility of realizing their dream “There is much suffering included”. Celso. Hi well I`m Bruno from Curitiba wanted to realize the dream of my mother has a little Cazinha she lives Alugel time has no glue to eat them no time worked she does Servison de Diaria Lipeza in people`s house I have 3 Irma my little sister asked most things did not come to me help please veijos your program every day Thanks to Your program, I come to ask! ASK them to help me build a COMMUNITY CENTRE for these people. A centre where children can be welcomed after school. We have rooms to provide academic reinforcement, or from time to time we receive visits from a doctor; a dentist; a lawyer; a psychologist; a priest; a pastor; A capoeirista. finally a professional who has a “heart” full of love, to give LITTLE of what he can and who likes to do. A center where we have a football field, a sports field, a real kitchen and lounge to serve soup, a room for these people to have fun in a ballet, an environment to promote the holidays (Mother`s Day, Father`s Day, Children`s Day, St.

John`s Day, Christmas …) that are already offered, but outside and with all weathers, that nature offers us. A center of coexistence where they can receive religious celebrations to comfort the soul too. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience of the show switches to virtual to prevent a new infection of the virus. Hello Celso, my name is Jane Francisca Brito Gonçalves.I am 32 years old I am married I have 2 children who are my reason for living. It is very difficult to build life in rent, I work right now not only my husband for everything is very complicated, there are days when I am very sad and cry a lot, sorry, I say, so I talk about how I feel, sometimes I wonder when I see in your program, that you hand over the house to the family I imagine I`m here tb, I keep looking at every detail of things like it would be mine, but I believe in the God I serve when he touches me to write at that time is 1:02 ñ will be in vão.eu I need muiot at my home, Celso I ask you, please make my dream come true. I live in: CITY: Valença ba. STREET .manoel ribeiro. NEIGHBORHOOD, tento. Number 148 Contact phones. (75)8841-6805 (75)8876-4730 (75)8253-6105.

MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THEM. First of all, registering for the Legal Sunday 2023 tables is quite easy. However, it is necessary to follow step by step and meet the requirements for the production of the program. You were certainly interested in participating in the program to win prizes for your whole family and make your dream come true! Designed and created to entertain viewers of the SBT channel, the show Domingo Legal is open house! One of the most famous paintings, Buy is Good, Lead is Better 2022, is super fun and involves bringing prizes to attendees. If you`re one of the thousands of fans of the program, read below how to sign up for Buy is Good, Take is Better 2022. Were you curious to participate in the program? We can always help you! Watch this video with very important tips for those who want to go live with Celso Portioli. Learn how to subscribe to the Buy is good, take is better board. Check it out below: First, the Domingo Legal program debuted on SBT around 1993. In this sense, he had several moderators in charge. The most famous Augusto Liberato, better known as Gugu, and the current presenter Celso Portioli. Founded in 1993, the show is broadcast by SBT and has had several famous leaders.

Currently, celso Portioli presents the program as charisma and joy. If you still don`t know what the frameworks are, you can also check the official website of the program to see all the details. Filled with images and games, one of the main goals of Legal Sunday is to make people`s dreams come true.