Property Legal Manchester Limited

We bought our first home earlier this year and used PLS as lawyers. As a first-time buyer, our knowledge of the transfer process was limited and we felt that PLS had more than helped fill the knowledge gaps and make us feel comfortable. We were kept informed throughout the process and any questions we had were answered promptly. The completion went smoothly and without problems, we were in our house in 9 weeks, which made us very happy – especially since we also had to deal with two ISA Help to Buy. I would like to recommend PLS transfer service to everyone. We regulate this company and they have to follow our rules. It is authorized to provide all legal services. Our team aims to take the stress out of the home buying experience. Whether you want to take your first steps down the property ladder or buy and sell, our dedicated team of specialists will guide you through the process from start to finish. You can use this data to see how Property Legal (manchester) Limited compares to other law firms nationally.

A score close to 100% shows that this company is highly appreciated by its customers. We have just purchased a property and would like to send our special thanks to PLS Solicitors (Maura, Liam, Megan). There are only a few aspects that we would like to highlight about our cooperation with them: great professionalism, friendly attitude, excellent communication, no hidden costs. We highly recommend it. These are legal services that only regulated lawyers are authorized to provide. This is because they involve handling your money or representing it in court. The law firms we regulate can carry out these reserved legal activities: this company does not even deserve a star. I am currently 3.5 months in buying a very basic property and I am still waiting. They don`t respond to anything, they don`t update the online portal, so you have no idea what`s going on.

There is no transparency, so you don`t understand what the next steps are. They will be absolutely finished when you use them. If I complained several times and asked someone to call me back, they weren`t just sending me a complaint form after trying to buy search queries they already had, which was done in front of the seller`s lawyers, which was so embarrassing that I can`t tell you. All of the communications I had were about two very, very young employees, Senior Counsel Maura, whose beep I heard. We are now at the stage where the real estate agent, in collaboration with the seller`s lawyers, has complained to the company that manages the online portal in order to remove it. Suffice it to say it was the worst broadcast experience ever – I can`t stress enough, avoid this company, no matter how much money you think you`re saving. SHAME ON YOU My experience with PLS was absolutely terrible, they were virtually unreachable throughout the process and I wasted many hours on the phone waiting for someone to pick up. Every document I submitted, or every progress that should have taken place, I had to follow to make sure it was received or processed correctly.

An example of this (and there are many more) is when I was issued my “final cost account” which was fake, I was told, “We weren`t sure if you were using a mortgage to buy the property”, of course, I had already approved my mortgage at that time and was already presented to PLS as proof of financing. It took 4 attempts to calculate the final cost to make it approximately accurate, although I still dispute an inaccuracy I had to pay for not slowing down the process further. They asked for duplicates and even triples of some documents, claiming they had not received them or giving a vaguely related (and false) reason why they needed more documents or duplicates. Every step of the journey was stressful, tedious and completely inefficient. 6 months after the start of the process came the exchange week, at this point I was asked to return information that had been sent 5 months earlier and not sent to the relevant parties – this slowed down the exchange by a week. No one took responsibility for my case and their service was appalling from start to finish.