Panchayat Rules in West Bengal

7. The presiding officer must verify the declaration of service on the office copy of the notice of the list of enterprises. 62. Method of collecting tax arrears and other charges. 41. How to resolve disagreements among the constituent Gram Panchayats. CHAPTER – XIimposition of taxes, fees and rates by a Gram Panchayat CHAPTER – VIIIPower, Functions and Duties of Pradhan and Upa-Pradhan 52. Conditions of service, including vacation, transfers, training, discipline and control. CHAPTER – VIIDelegation of functions by Zilla Parishad and financial powers by Gram Panchayat 73. The president and secretary of A Gram Unnayan Samiti.

39. The manner in which the competent authority decides on the appeal. 3. Resignation of Pradhan, Upa-Pradhan and other members. 30. Right of the applicant if the approval or refusal is not notified within the time limit. CHAPTER – IXMethode of recruitment, conditions of service and duties of employees of a Gram Panchayat Chapter – VDfiling of appeal against the Gram Panchayat ordinance concerning sanitary facilities, etc. 31. Permits to construct buildings for commercial or institutional purposes. CHAPTER – XIUpa-Samitis and Gram Unnayan Samitis of a Gram Panchayat 38.

Appeal of the decision of the Gram Panchayat. Chapter III Report on the Work of the Gram Panchayat 9. Note that the meeting did not take place due to lack of quorum. 20. Construction project presupposing civic facilities. 43. Transfer of financial authority to Pradhan by Gram Panchayat. 33.

Inspection of the construction or building under construction. Download: West Bengal Gram Panchayat Administration Rules, 2004 (Bangla) 42nd Delegation of functions to Gram Panchayat by Zilla Parishad. 28. Construction in the greater Calcutta area. 29. Construction restriction near airport or prohibited area. 47. Appointment of Gram Panchayat employees. 22. Limitation of construction on tank and water. 63.

Remuneration and commission of the Sarkar collector. 32. Grounds for refusal or refusal of authorization. 16. Report on the work of the previous year and the work proposed for the following year. 49. Selection procedure and establishment of the recruitment committee. 45. Creating or deleting a contribution in a gram panchayat.

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