Nxivm Legal Liaison

When Ross served Interfor with a subpoena to obtain copies of the documents and records it had received about him, NXIVM hired a law firm to represent Interfor (I had informed Ross of these documents and records – many of which I believed had been obtained illegally). Keeffe wanted to apologize for NXIVM`s legal attack on Bouchey and inform him of the illegal acts against it. Bouchey received a call (tapetaped) from Kristin Keeffe, a longtime NXIVM member and legal liaison who oversaw NXIVM and Bronfman`s southbuffalonews.com3 litigation in 4 states with 7 leading law firms for years. Many of the emails in question are believed to be related to the various illegal programs used by NXIVM to bring international students to the U.S. — and/or keep them here after their visas expire. Nicki replied like “Pea Onyu” “Pea Onyu October 6, 2019 at 1:54 pm It`s none of your business, shadow. Stay away from things that don`t concern you,” frankreport.com/2019/10/05/sara-bronfman-igtet-the-nxivm-criminal-who-got-away/ But along the way, Justice Hayden made a number of interesting findings of fact and decisions — some of which could have major implications for other legal issues. Keeffe was the former legal liaison with NXIVM and had a child with Raniere, though reports initially suggested the child had been adopted. Episode five of HBO`s The Vow delves deep into Keith Raniere`s shady affairs, focusing on his DOS group and convoluted efforts to clear his name. The episode begins with a clip of former NXIVM legal counsel Kristin Keeffe, who passionately defends NXIVM`s problems with the law.

Soon, The Vow switches to Keeffe, who expresses her suspicions against Raniere, and it becomes surprisingly clear that she has a lot of information about NXIVM. But Keeffe wasn`t just a high-ranking member who defected. From 2007 to 2014, she was Raniere`s partner, and they even had a son named Gaelyn. Concerned for her well-being and that of her son, Keeffe finally left Raniere and NXIVM in 2014. The most important legal issue in this case was whether NXIVM should indemnify Interfor for the expenses it had incurred in connection with NXIVM`s lawsuit against Rick Ross. In 2015, the Times Union reported that Kristin Keeffe, a former legal liaison for NXIVM, claimed the company had conducted secret financial investigations into federal judges involved in the group`s litigation. Among the targets were U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh and U.S. District Judge Mark Falk, who both officiated in a lawsuit filed by NXIVM against Ross in 2006. If that`s the case, then Clare Bear — and everyone else involved in these illegal immigration programs — might have a little more on her mind in the upcoming holiday season.

In February 2014, Keeffe broke with NXIVM and Raniere and fled the area, writing in an email: “I have sole custody of Gaelyn. Keith experimented on him. I had to take Gaelyn,” according to a Times Union report. Keeffe is now hiding in Florida and has survived cancer. According to a special piece of identification, “The Lost Women of NXIVM,” Keeffe may have been poisoned along with other women who had lived with Raniere and were intimate with him. In “The Lost Women of NXIVM”, it is shown that Keeffe didn`t find out she was pregnant until she was eight months old, which is one of the reasons she believes her son survived. Raniere reportedly advised against pregnancy and forced abortions among his followers. On August 26, 2019, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey issued judgment in the long-standing legal dispute between NXIVM and Interfor, Inc. Or is it because EDNY has yet to investigate all of NXIVM`s illegal operations — and wants those emails from Clare Bronfman to see if they will support further charges against them and/or others involved in the NXIVM crime syndicate? Ross, 66, who runs the Cult Education Institute and faced a 14-year legal battle with NXIVM that ended in 2017, said he first met NXIVM in 2002. A couple, Morris and Rochelle Sutton from New Jersey, hired him to remove their adult children from the group through an intervention.

It was one of 500 interventions Ross has conducted since 1982. There is an article in The Sun about Sarah Edmondson`s book. Not much new, but the newspaper seems to have messed up a few things. www.thesun.co.uk/news/10388206/sarah-edmonson-nxivm-cult-branding/ “The state police organized a number of safe houses where I could stay with Gaelyn, and they brought us from the Northeast,” Keeffe reportedly wrote. “I have sole custody of Gaelyn. Keith experimented on him. I had to take Gaelyn with me. Keeffe provided Bouchey with third-party service providers who could be subpoenaed to validate these claims: email account names, fax numbers, data, facts, banking information, individuals involved, charitable fraud, corporate money laundering, abuse and illegal hacking of people`s bank, computer, phone and email accounts. In her alleged correspondence with Skolnik, Keeffe said she took steps to fire Crockett and ordered him and an associate, attorney John Falzone, not to share information with Bronfman or NXIVM “because they are involved in the pursuit of ongoing criminal behavior, including, but not limited to, psychological and sexual abuse and the detention of several illegal aliens over the past decade.” State officials had accused Raniere of operating Consumers` Buyline as an illegal “chain distribution system.” Without acknowledging any “fraudulent, illegal, or deceptive acts,” Raniere signed a consent order in 1996 with the New York Attorney General, who agreed to be permanently prohibited from “promoting, offering, or granting participation in a channel distribution system,” in violation of New York State law. “For five years, I sat across from her in all these complaints. She was his legal liaison and commanded seven law firms in four states,” Bouchey said.