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Natasha Heathcote holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Finance) and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology Sydney. She has a long-standing passion for family law and believes that the law can be used to find positive solutions for her clients. She demonstrates compassion for her clients and builds a strong relationship and trust to understand their situation in order to find the best legal solution to reach a resolution of the problem. Natascha, I want to thank you very much for all your help and support, I know you have put so much work and effort into my cause. Thanks for everything. Armstrong Legal is very pleased to have you on the team. Good job!. Originally, I was attracted to the services of Armstrong Legal by the enthusiasm and support of the first call. This proactivity and support remained throughout the resolution process. The legal case was concluded with satisfaction and taking into account the circumstances. Previously, Natasha worked as direct counsel to two family court judges, giving her access to a variety of complex issues including parenting and property. This experience and knowledge gives Natasha a distinct advantage when working with clients in family litigation.

Natasha`s tertiary education in finance also allows her to handle a wide range of issues, including those involving complex real estate litigation, including the valuation of companies, complex asset structures and foreign assets. Thank you for being an excellent source of knowledge, advice and support in this very long and frustrating matter. I appreciate all the staff involved in handling my case with such professionalism and care. 06.04.2022- D5- APPLICATION FEE PAID: $185.00 ON RECEIPT NUMBER 4125192 22.04.2022- D8- SUMMONS RETURNED INDICATING SERVICE 21.04.2022 12:56 STAFF,NATASHA ARMSTRONG “I have been with John Kerr Metals for over ten years. It`s a family business, John Kerr is my grandfather and my father Rodney and uncle Jonathan are all partners. My brother James works there too,” says Natasha. “I`ve always been interested in art. In my spare time, I did crafts, attended art fairs, exhibitions, markets, and even comic book conventions while working. Natasha completed her Master of Applied Law (Family Law) from the College of Law in November 2018.

The Master`s qualification consolidated Natasha`s practical experience and knowledge. “For my main exhibition, I`m focusing on climate change from the perspective of the recycling industry, especially the metal recycling sector,” says Natasha. “My MA Degree Show opens on September 23rd. It will be a must! In her spare time, Natasha enjoys F45 and spends time on the Sunshine Coast on the beach with her family. Natasha is highly qualified as a technically competent on-site manager (TCM) and WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) qualified to manage various types of waste recycling facilities. Her family has always supported her artistic ambitions, and she says working at an industrial site has inspired and influenced her art. I would like to thank you for the professionalism and transparency with which my case was handled. I was particularly impressed by the great care with which the details of the case were understood, the quick understanding of those details, the clarity of the advice offered, and the adherence to agreed timelines and cost estimates. I can fully recommend your services in family court matters, including cases involving foreign laws. I am so relieved to finally have a property settlement after trying to become independent from my former husband for almost 3 years. Natasha, I am very happy that you have represented me with such professionalism and kindness.

Your efficiency, positive sunny personality and sense of humor have kept my spirits alive in difficult times, and I can`t thank you enough! Natasha and Berni – Thank you both so much, so much for all your help and support to make this happen – you have been wonderful! For the past 4 months, Natasha has been handling my divorce case.