Married in Jamaica Legal in Canada

The marriage certificate is legal proof that the marriage took place and is issued after the marriage has been registered by the Chancellor General`s Department. You can apply for the marriage certificate directly or through the marriage agent. Please contact your wedding agent or hotel wedding coordinator upon first contact regarding your wedding arrangements to ensure that the cost covers the payment of a certified copy of the marriage certificate. If you are planning to get married in a foreign country, you should contact the nearest embassy, high commission or consulate in the country where the wedding will take place. They tell you what documents you need and whether they need to be authenticated. Canadian government agencies abroad can also provide information on the laws and regulations of the countries where they are located and a list of local service providers if you need legal advice. If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen who wants to marry someone from another country and bring them back to Canada, you need to know the steps needed to do so successfully. The process first involves obtaining a marriage certificate, which may require proof of your Canadian citizenship as well as your single status. Depending on the country of origin of your future spouse, additional documents may be required. The documents you need to get married outside of Canada depend on your situation and the country where you want to get married. Before travelling, please contact the embassy, high commission or consulate of the country where you wish to marry to determine what documents you need. The process of applying for a marriage certificate in Jamaica includes proof of citizenship for both parties, such as birth certificates, as well as proof of divorce or death of your ex-spouse. Applying for a marriage license with your Jamaican partner is pretty straightforward.

Once your application is approved, you have three months to proceed with the marriage before it becomes disabled. This is also a good time to prepare the sponsorship application so that you can begin the process immediately after your wedding. Important: Please check YOUR country`s requirements for marriage abroad. Important: Your country may require your marriage license to be legalized in order for it to be accepted. In such cases, please contact the embassy representing your government in Jamaica to do so. The hotel or wedding officer can help you. If your country does not have an embassy or consulate in Jamaica, please check with your country`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs how to legalize your certificate. Only after legalization by your embassy or consulate is the marriage process complete in Jamaica and your marriage is recognized as a legal union in your home country. Important: The copy of the marriage register you receive on your wedding day is NOT a legal document and as such cannot be used for business! You must receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Although same-sex marriages are legal in Canada, they are not recognized in many countries.

Civil partnerships between persons of the same sex are more widely recognized. For country-specific information, read our travel advice, contact the embassy, high commission or consulate of the destination country in Canada, or visit lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and bisexual Canadians abroad. If the language of your country is not English, your documents must be legalized by the embassy/high commission representing your government in Jamaica. Once the original marriage certificate has been issued by the Jamaican government, the certified copy will be sent to the wedding officer who will send it with your address to your embassy/high commission. Alternatively, you can have the original marriage certificate certified by the Jamaican High Commission before it is legalized by your respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If your marriage is illegal where it took place, or if the laws of that place do not allow you to marry (for example, if you are in a same-sex relationship and your home country does not allow same-sex marriage), IRCC will not recognize your relationship as a marriage. Depending on where you received your marriage licence, you have the option of getting married in Jamaica if you received a Jamaican marriage licence or getting married in Canada. You can hold a wedding ceremony in one of the two countries or in both countries. If you want your spouse or partner to visit you while you wait for permanent resident status, they will need a visa. Once you can prove that you are legally married or in the process of doing so, you can apply to sponsor your spouse or partner so that they can obtain permanent residence and eventually Canadian citizenship.

Marriages that are legally contracted in a foreign country are generally valid in Canada, and you do not need to register them in Canada. Unlike many other countries, Jamaica does not expect you to have a blood test before marriage. However, the following documents are required: Polygamous marriages are not legal in Canada and are a criminal offence under the Canadian Criminal Code. You cannot get married at a Canadian embassy or consulate abroad. Canadian consular officials do not perform wedding ceremonies and are not required to attend your wedding. See also the Jamaica Tourism Board website under for a list of recognized wedding officials. Each wedding manager may have their own prices and requirements; However, the process remains fundamentally the same. A marriage search letter is issued by the marriage registration office in the province or territory where you live. This document confirms whether you have registered a marriage or not.

In some countries, you may need to present a certified marriage search letter before you can get married. Follow the steps to authenticate your document. Immediately after the ceremony, you will receive a copy of the marriage register, which contains proof of marriage. This is signed by the wedding officer, by you and your witnesses. (Don`t worry; You don`t need to bring your own!) Please note that the copy of the marriage register is NOT a legal document and as such cannot be used for business! You must receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Are you planning to get married in Jamaica? Or maybe think about it? You may need to have the documents translated into the language of the country where the wedding will take place. You may also need to legalize the documents in Canada and/or have them stamped by a consular officer in the country where you are going to get married. Authentication proves that the signature and seal on the document are genuine. Waiting time Visitors can only marry 24 hours after arrival in Jamaica, provided a marriage certificate has been requested in advance. We got married in Jamaica. We are both Canadian citizens, but I would like to know for sure (without assumption) whether we should divorce in Canada or whether Jamaican law should come into play in the division of property and assets.

Should I hire a Jacician lawyer to help me divorce in Canada? I would prefer to use Jamaican law. More and more Canadian citizens are involved in marriages or fraud abroad. Canadians have been blackmailed by foreign in-laws, involved in cyber-romance scams, or tricked into sponsoring a spouse who rushes in after arriving in Canada. If this is the case for you, you will need to hire a lawyer with experience in matrimonial law. Representatives of the nearest Canadian government office abroad can provide a list of legal representatives in that country. It consists of twenty (20) of the most frequently asked questions about marriage in Jamaica, which probably include your question. Visitors can only marry 24 hours after arrival in Jamaica, provided a marriage certificate has been requested in advance. To apply for your marriage licence, call our Department of Justice at 1-876-749-0550 | 1-876-619-2160 or visit the Department of Justice.

If you are planning to get married outside of Canada, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate in the country where your wedding will take place to find out about the legal requirements. If there is any doubt as to whether your marriage is legal in the place where it was contracted, it is your responsibility to prove that it is legal there. It is only after legalization by your Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the marriage process is completed in Jamaica and your marriage is recognized as a legal union in your home country. As a sponsor, you are responsible for the overall well-being of your spouse or partner and dependents brought with you. Essentially, you agree to be their sponsor; that you will provide them financially. You and your spouse or partner must sign a legal undertaking stating that the sponsor agrees to provide accommodation, clothing, food, water, hygiene products, personal items, health care and finances. In return, the sponsored person agrees not to contact the government for assistance. Whether your wedding took place as a traditional wedding ceremony in Ethiopia, as a beach holiday wedding in Portugal, or as a wedding in Las Vegas, there may be a time when you need to prove the validity of your wedding abroad. Spouses may need to prove the validity of their marriage abroad for a variety of reasons, including when the parties are seeking divorce and division of matrimonial property, or when the parties seek to benefit as “spouses” under certain government programs.